Great Canadian Oil Change is a franchised quick oil change facility (in 10 minutes) that has developed its' reputation on the basis of: Price Leadership & Quality Leadership. The franchises are known for their thorough and constant high quality service. Visiting any facility is a consistently polite, courteous, and friendly experience. 

Changing your car's oil is one of the most simple and cost effective maintenance procedures you can do. Come visit us at one of our many convenient locations.

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We do the services efficiently and pass the savings on to you. At Great Canadian Oil Change you get high quality work at a fair and economical price.

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Valvoline Oil: 140 years of performance

For more than 140 years, Valvoline has helped car owners achieve maximum performance and prolonged life from their engines with motor oils specifically designed to meet the needs of different engine types and driving conditions. You can rely on technology from Valvoline.

At Great Canadian Oil Change we have made a commitment to our environment. Used oil and filters are sent out for recycling: used oil is recycled into industrial grease and the steel from the filters are reprocessed as well.